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The focus of Ginger Snaps patterns  is quality -- in design, fit, and instructions.
You will find that our patterns fit well,  they are classic in design,
and our instructions, which include numerous illustrations and photographs,
and great detail,  are among the best available.
You will also find that you will use our patterns over and over,
making them a value buy because of the variations
and options for embellishment in each design.

Browse through our online catalog of children's and heirloom sewing books and patterns. Retail orders, if not available in your local fabric or needlework shops, may be made via phone, Fax,  postal service mail, or our online store shopping cart. Paypal is accepted online.  MasterCard and VISA are accepted via telephone or USPS mail.  To make a first time wholesale order, please fax or mail your business license and tax number and call for instructions.    If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact us by phone, Fax, or mail.  Addresses and numbers are listed below.

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Books and Patterns

Most books include pull-out patterns.

Basic Sewing Books
Special Techniques Books

Baby Daygowns Series
Baby Patterns and Books
Kimono Sleeve Daygowns Preemies

Christening Gowns

Basic Girls Patterns
(Includes Trendy Patterns)

Heirloom Sewing Patterns for Girls
Beach Dresses and Sundresses/Jumpers 
Designer Series
Patterns with Multiple, Interchangeable Variations

Skirts and Pants Patterns
How to Sew Patterns



Sewing Articles

A Guide to Measuring and Fitting from The Busy Mother's Guide

Mid-Calf Dress Lengths

This sheet ("Mid-Calf Dress Lengths") may be added to
Answers to All Your Questions for Measuring and Fitting Girls

Adjustments for Chubbies

Sewing Corduroy for Beginners


This is a quick-find list to help you locate the link
for the book or pattern you are interested in.

Trendy Casual Series -- Creative Patterns to Mix and Match Fabrics -- New for 2013 and 2014

Ginger's Collegiate Sundress for Girls -- with Summer Adaptation
Ginger's Collegiate Sundress for Teenagers -- with Summer Adaptation
Mackenzie -- Skirt with Banded Adaptation
Sassy Capri Pants
Sassy Pants I
Sassy Pants II
Sassy Pants III
Sassy Pants IV
Basic Books
The Busy Mother's Guide to Sewing Children's Clothes
The How-To Book of Heirloom Sewing by Machine
- Reprinted in pattern packet format.
                                                                                         Includes all designs and instructions from the booklet form.

The Complete Slip Collection
Dresses for Toddlers, Book I

Specialty Books
Ribbon Rosettes, Sashes, and Hair Bows
#101 - Answers to All Your Questions About Tucks
-- Reprinted in pattern packet format.
                                                                                         Includes all designs and instructions from the booklet form.
#102 - Answers to All Your Questions About Hemlines
-- Reprinted in pattern packet format. 
                                                                                          Includes all designs and instructions from the booklet form.

#103 - Answers to All Your Questions About Sleeves
#104 - Answers to All Your Questions About Measuring and Fitting Girls

Baby Daygowns Books
Baby Daygowns, Book I
Baby Daygowns, Book II
Baby Daygowns, Book III
Baby Daygowns, Book IV
Baby Daygowns, Book V -- Reprinted in pattern packet format.  Includes all designs and instructions from the booklet form.
Baby Daygowns, Book VI
Baby Daygowns, Book VII
Kimono Sleeve Daygowns

Christening Gowns
Christening Gowns, Book I  -
- Reprinted in pattern packet format.  Includes all designs and instructions from the booklet form.
Baby Boy Christening Gowns (Book II)
A-Line Christening Gowns I
A-Line Christening Gowns II
Heirloom Christening Gowns I
Heirloom Christening Gowns II
Cross Motif Christening Gown I

#301 Premie Isolette Shirts
#302 Preemie Daygowns and Bonnets
Baby Daygowns, Book IV

Baby Books and Patterns
Aidan's Pillow Shams
Baby's Diaper Shirt I
Baby Diaper Covers
Baby Sacque
The Bonnet Collection, Book I
Brantley Homecoming Daygown and Bonnet
Double Seat Panty
Funtime for Babies I (Flat Raglan Sleeve Daygown Pattern)
Heirloom Baby Bibs
Heirloom Bonnets I
Mary Anna's Smocked Bonnet
Smocked Bishop Daygowns
Monogrammed Daygown

Boy's Button-on Suit
Hudson's Sunday Suit
Michael's Double-Breasted Suit

Designer Series Patterns --
sleeves, necklines, hemlines, and other embellishments may be used interchangeably
                                         among a variety of Ginger Snaps patterns.

Basic Patterns

Ginger's Basic Yoke Dress
Mary Hayden's Blouse I
Carrington's Dropwaist Dress
The Collar Dress (Includes Trendy Adaptation)
Ginger's White Collection
Collars for Girls ( Includes Trendy Adaptation)
Landon, Sizes 4 - 6
Landon, Sizes 7 - 12
The New Float Dress
Pretty White Dresses

Beach Dresses and Sundresses/Jumpers

Beach Dresses I - A-Line
Beach Dresses II - Yoke
Beach Dresses III - Empire Waist
Blakely, Sizes 1 - 4
Blakely, Sizes 4 - 12
Carrington's Dropwaist Dress
Easiest A-Line Jumper/Sundress Ever
Lillie's Swiss Sundress
Little Blakely, Sizes 1 - 4
Little Maddie, Sizes 1 - 4
Little Riley, Sizes 1 - 4
Maddie's Tiered Sundress
The New Float Dress
Riley's Knot Dress
Stacey's Smocked Sundress

Summer Dresses PDF

Heirloom Sewing Patterns
Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress -- Now available -- Choose from Sizes 1 - 3  or Sizes 4 - 6
The Blue Ridge Antique Dress
The Embroidered Dress
The Lace Dress
The New Orleans Insertion Dress
The Victorian Drop Waist Dress

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Send questions and comments in writing to the above address or fax number.

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