Coming Soon

We are working to develop an exciting new retail site for you.

In the meantime, retail items are available in your local fabric or needlework shops, or in your favorite online store.  If you find that the items you are interested in are not available in your area or by your favorite online store, orders may be made as indicated below.

Paypal, MasterCard and VISA are accepted via telephone or USPS mail.

To make a first time wholesale order, please mail or e-mail your business license and tax number, and call for instructions.

Order by mail to:

Ginger Snaps Designs

P. O. Box 240728

Montgomery, AL 36124


Phone:  1-334-567-4239

Sales Line:  1-334-318-6489

Fax:  1-334-514-0014

Include your telephone number or e-mail address so we can let you know we received your order.  Send a check or money order or include your payment information for credit card or Paypal.  $5 flat rate shipping on orders made by mail and paid by check or money order.  Free shipping when you order 4 or more items via the United States Postal Service.