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"Michael's Double-Breasted Suit" is an easy-to-sew boy's pattern with pull-on shorts with a front band and elastic back and a hang-out shirt.  It is suitable for a variety of fabrics, including pima broadcloth, Imperial broadcloth, twill, pique, microcheck, linen, microcheck linen, seersucker, and other textured fabrics.  The double-breasted shirt features six or eight buttons, short sleeves, and a one-piece collar which may be pointed or round.  You may dress this suit up or down, depending on the fabric and buttons chosen.  It will make a lovely dressy linen suit with pearl or covered buttons or a cute casual suit with print or microcheck pants, white shirt, and novelty buttons.  This is a versatile pattern that can be used for many occasions.

Michael's Double-Breasted Suit

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