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"The Mongrammed Daygown" is an ideal design for beginners.  The flat raglan sleeve construction makes it easy to set in the sleeve as well as complete the neckline.  The bias binding on the neckline and the sleeve may be made of self-fabric or a contrasting fabric.  Medium-weight fabric is best because of the flat design.  Embellishment may include monogramming, as shown, machine embroidery, or hand embroidery.  Designs have been included.  A classic variation of this design includes white monogramming on a pale pink or blue fabric, such as Swiss flannel, or a soft combed cotton or print with contrast bindings.  Back casings include a 5-button closing or 3 buttons with a placket.  The plain hemline is also easy, making this the perfect home-from-the-hospital gown for an infant girl or boy, or a quick baby gift.  Whatever your choice, it's a great place to start.  As you advance in your sewing skills, this is the perfect daygown to use for a variety of creative embellishments.

The Monogrammed Daygown

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