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This out-of-print book is now available in complete format in a large zip-loc bag, including 64 pages of detailed information and all pattern pieces.  The How-To Book of Heirloom Sewing by Machine includes detailed instructions to teach you how to create lovely garments like the graduation dress on the cover of the book.  This complete resource for heirloom sewing by machine includes instructions for techniques that are so detailed that even beginners can complete them successfully. The "How-To Book" includes designs and instructions for the adaptation of  commercial patterns for children, pre-teens, teen-agers, and adults.


Opportunities to use this book are endless -- Confirmations, First Communions, graduations, weddings, recitals, portraits, and other special occasions.  This book includes a pull-out design sheet with designs that may be applied to a pattern of your choice;  neckline, sleeve, and hemline variations; sashes, ribbon rosettes, photography guidelines, and more.


This book is an excellent text to use for heirloom sewing classes.  It contains 273 photographs and illustrations, and two pull-out pattern sheets of designs.

    The How-To Book of Heirloom Sewing by Machine

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