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The New Float Dress is a classic yoke dress pattern in sizes 1 -- 6 with two collar variations.  It includes instructions for a sleeveless dress, as well as a short puff sleeve.  One dress variation features a round, monogrammed collar on a sleeveless yoke dress.  It is easy to sew and is ideal for a variety of fabrics from solids to prints, checks, plaids, chevrons, stropes, etc.  The collar, yokes, and sleeves on the yoke dress with the scalloped collar has been embellished with a contrast cording. The monogramming matches the cording.  This dress design can be worn year-round in most places.  It is lovely made of solids, microchecks, and prints.  It is also a good design to sew using corduory for fall and winter.  Because of its simplicity, this is a pattern that you will sew many times.


The New Float Dress

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